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19 Free and Easy SEO Tools to improve your Web Marketing

By Digitrio

Post Date: 17 June 2017

Free SEO tools are things that come in really useful for companies using the internet to market and sell their goods and services. The available SEO tools can be a valuable source of information about what you are doing right and what could actually be made better.

Without a doubt, online marketing like SEO works best when you have a good tool to do it with.

Here is a summary of 19 Free and Easy to use SEO Tools that you can use working on SEO Singapore on your website:

1. Google Page Speed Insights

This SEO checks the speed and user-friendliness of your websites on laptops, smartphones, and also tablets. It tests your site and tells you what you are doing well, and what you can improve upon.

Digitrio Speed Test

2. Google Analytics

This tool is really useful, besides showing the keywords that people type into to find your websites it tracks any sentences and phrases they type in as well. That can provide information regarding the best keywords to keep, add, or remove.


3. The Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) and also Bing Webmaster Tools

With Google and Bing being the most popular search engines this tool is useful as it shows what people see if they find your site through either of these engines. Shows up errors and provides hints on how to improve things.

Search Consolebing Webmaster

4. Moz Open Site Explorer

A useful tool this one, as it shows you the best and worst parts of your websites. It provides analysis of what people like and dislike, so change things around if you have to.

Moz Open Site Explorer

5. The Google Keyword Planner

The beauty of this tool is that it ranks the best keywords to use to maximize your site’s been found in web searches.

Google Keyword Planner

6. As an alternative operating in an incognito window

Use this if you want to discover where Google ranks your site in keyword searches without them tracking what you are doing.

Incognito Mode

7. Digitrio’s SEO Audit

This tool not only shows how well your website is performing, but it can also tell you how well your rivals are doing too.

Digitrio Seo Audit

8. Get complete customization via the Schema Creator

Allows you to fully customize your keywords and simple to use.

Schema Creator

9. For data from any site, there is WebsiteOutlook

Get the stats to compare how well you are performing compared to a rival, easy to find out the value of a site and traffic.

Website Outlook

10. The SERPs Rank Checker

See how keywords rank from top to bottom.


11. Use XML sitemaps

Turns your URLs so that you do not have to, then you put on Google Webmaster, a useful tool to know about.

Xml Sitemaps Generator

12. Get the lowdown with Browseo

For those people that are curious how their websites look via a search engine, it shows you.


13. Find out the scores, SEO Site Checkup

The clue is in the title, it checkups your site’s score.

Seo Site Checkup

14. Check the website info with Whois

You can check the domain info, website info, DNS record and many more.


15. Find out Who is hosting the website

Just key in the domain information, then you can easily find out where the website is hosting.


16. Find Broken Links

It does exactly that, fix all errors without paying for outside help.

Internet Marketing Ninja Broken Link Tool

17. The Ahref’s Site Explorer and Backlink Checker

It demonstrates what works and what does not.


18. Copyscape

Before adding this to your site check if you are inadvertently using the exact words of anyone else’s.


19. The Moz Toolbar

This is the exception to the rule that toolbars do not give you SEO information, it is useful to use this one.

Moz Toolbar

Now you are more or less covered the basic SEO best practices in the most cost-efficient way. If your business is at a need for advanced-level professional SEO services in Singapore, Digitrio is here to assist you.

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