6 Things you need to be Careful when Choosing a Reliable SEO Partner

  • Last Updated: 22 February 2015
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Business owners do not mind paying as long as an SEO vendor is reliable and doing a good job for them. Now, the question is how you evaluate whether a vendor is doing a good job for you.

Should you have ever gone through a situation, where you feel something is not right with your SEO campaign, and you are not sure how to justify your SEO vendor? You are a novice and should you ever considered starting to do SEO campaign?

Only throw the vendor below questions.

  1. Do they Guarantee rankings?
  2. Do they share how they do SEO for you, and what their tactics are?
  3. Do they share the quality, the quantity of links and the places they built?
  4. Do they look into anything besides rankings?
  5. Do they help you track analytic data?
  6. Are you bound in the contract?

1) Do they Guarantee rankings?

The SEO market is misleading to customers by giving the Guaranteed Google Page #1. In fact, rankings couldn’t be guaranteed, and no one on this planet can guarantee including Google! Matt Cutts, the head of Google Search Engine engineers, officially explained why rankings couldn’t be guaranteed. Guaranteed rankings are scammed!

2) Do they share how they do SEO for you, and what their tactics are?

Meet up with your SEO vendor; observe how they help you do SEO campaign. Find out the KPI of your campaign and how it would positively impact your rankings as well as your business.

If their answer is vague and not precise enough, forget it. In fact, it’s just a black hole of your resources.

3) Do they share the link building strategy?

If they are doing genuine work for you, ie; running your SEO campaign in full spectrum, they should be transparent and sharing the info of how they built links, and what their link building strategies are.

If a vendor is avoiding the answer or denying by giving full of excuses like intellectual property or cannot reveal, that obviously is a scam. Stay back! In fact, you don’t know what exactly is happening to your website behind the scene. And you won’t want to end up like your site get penalized by paying your own $ to your SEO experts.

seo scam

4) Do they look into anything besides rankings?

Ranking is not everything. Getting your keywords on Page #1 doesn’t tally that you have traffic. As shown in above Matt Cutts’s video, if your selected key phrases are ridiculously long-tailed, you might easily get on Page #1 but no traffic.

It is an excellent opportunity for you to find out from your SEO experts for how they suggest you the keywords/ key phrases. Observe how they propose your campaign beside rankings itself; traffic, leads?

5) Do they help you track analytic data?

As a business owner, you should be aware of how effective your SEO campaign is. So that, you can analyze, evaluate the effectiveness of the results to make insightful marketing decisions to keep your ROI. Ask your vendor, how they help you track analytic data and how insightful they are.

6) Are you bound in the contract?

Yes, SEO process takes the time to produce a good result but not forever. Ask yourself whether you are convenient to be locked down for 12 – 24 months? Unless otherwise, “don’t”. You’d better do a quick research to “How to choose a reliable SEO partner” and talk to different SEO experts and seek their advice.

The facts are not speculations, in fact, are the reality. SEO market is getting saturated, thus ask the SEO companies which has answers to all the above. Call and speak to them to find out before you go on board. If their work is transparent, strictly follow Google Webmaster Guidelines, Well; this is for you to start monitoring how the way they work. Stay relevant for now and beyond.

Failure to adhere to ethical optimization will ultimately result in your website being penalized or even worse blacklisted from search index databases. Keep ourselves stay tuned and strictly follow Google Webmaster Guidelines for both our on and off optimization.

In Digitrio, we won’t talk how great we are; we will talk about how you can get achieve. Our objective is not only to bring targeted traffic to your website but also track and analyze for more lead conversions. Are you still having a few questions?

Call us today at +65 6690 3915 discuss with our professionals at no obligations!

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