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7 Deadly Google Ads Mistakes You Need to Avoid Today!

By Digitrio

Post Date: 25 January 2018

The fastest and best way to get targeted traffic in the internet is using Google’s Advertising Platform – Google Ads. Google revolutionize the way any SMEs will be able to compete with the big companies & their big dollars giving us – David a chance against the Goliath with search engine marketing beside SEO.

But are you making these 7 deadly mistakes in your Google Ads account that is preventing you from winning / competing against the Goliath in your industry and making you broke?

#1 Too Much Keywords

We are know that Google Ads, text campaign works on a pay per click option and often time, usually will just add a massive numbers of keywords in each Ad Group.

Remember that, relevance of keywords to Ads to landing page is what Google want us to have. The ideal numbers of keywords per Ad group should be at most 10-15 keywords, else the keywords might not be that relevance to the Ads copies anymore.

#2 Avoid Using Broad Match

Board match give us most match to the search queries and is often chosen as the default since it generate the highest amount of impressions, but it is also the one that will give us the lousy “quality score” in Google’s eye. To keep your campaign relevant, try using mostly [Exact] & “Phrase” match and a few Modified Broad. This will ensure that you are getting the impressions yet at the same time be relevance.

Google Adwords Match Type

#3 No Negative Keywords

Google Ads allow you the option to filter out negative keywords that you do not want your Ads to be associated with. For example, if you are bidding for the keywords “interior designer”, you do not want your Ads to appear for any negative searches like “worst interior designer” or even “reviews” if you are focusing on leads.

Go under keywords, negative keywords and start adding a few of negative keywords below:

  1. free
  2. bad
  3. worst
  4. vs
  5. “what is”
  6. “how do”
  7. review
  8. job

Another way to find more negative keywords is to go under your search term report under keywords tab after your campaign have been running for awhile. These will generate all the search queries that trigger your Ads and from there, you can source for new negative keywords to be added in.

View Search Terms Adwords

”Remember that negative keywords should be added every now and not as a 1 time task as everyday users are using different queries to search for your products/services.”

#4 Not Highlighting USPs in Ads

You will need to know your unique selling propositions to stand out from the crowd. Having a well crafted USPs will make sure you stand out even if you are not number 1 in the Ad Slot. Do you offer something that your competitors does not have? Like next day delivery? If so, make sure that this is mention in your Ads.

#5 Test, Test Test – A/B Test Ads

Now that you have a well crafted Ads with USPs, you have to test, test & test. Draft out at least 2 Ads per Ad group and start testing. No 2 campaigns are same. Have both of the Ads rotate for 90 days and see which perform better. Kick out the lesser performing Ads and craft an even better one. Your Goals is to constantly improve your Ads performance in terms of click through rate & conversions.

#6 Not Tracking Conversions

If you are running any paid campaign, ROIs is the key. The only way to judge the effectiveness of your campaign is to start tracking conversions. Conversions can be in any forms and it depend on the purpose you want your user to achieve. If you are a eCommence site, then you will want track the numbers of orders and if it is for leads generation, you will want to track the number of submission.

Conversions tracking can be easily setup under Tools -> Conversions. This will generate the Adwords conversions code which will need to place at the “Thank You” page after purchase or lead submissions.

#7 Not Using Ads Extensions

s extension is a type of Ad format that show more information on your Ads. The best part of it is, it can be added at no additional cost to you beside the standard click price. Below is the 4 extensions that we recommended that every campaign should include:

Call Extensions

This extensions added your phone number beside your Ads giving your user the ability to straight away pick up the phone and dial to you. It works even better on mobile as it straight away show the “call button”. Upon clicking it, can straight away dial your number instead of going to your website on mobile.

Call Extension 300x93

Location Extensions

Display your address in this extensions. It allow you to straight away let your user know where your store is located at.

Location Extension

Sitelink Extension 

Display additional links to other pages of the websites. Sitelink extension will only be displayed for the top 3 positions of the Ad Slot.

Sitelink Extension

Call Out Extension

This extensions work exactly the same way as Sitelink except without the link. This is the latest Ad extension, Google have added and it is a great way to squeeze in USP here to stand out even more.

Call Out Extension


Start making sure that your campaigns avoid these 7 mistakes with Google Ads. Remember that by abiding and doing the above, it will improve our Ads relevance and in terms the quality score. These will allow us to bid lower for keywords and giving us the ability to fight and win against Goliath even if with a small budget.

Let us know if you have any questions after reading the article? Is there anything that did not make sense?

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