Business Support: What Business Should Do During COVID-19

Business Support - COVID-19

COVID-19 "Circuit Breaker" Period Has Been Extended by 4 Weeks until Jun 1

Coronavirus outbreak will continue for a Year or Longer; says PM Lee and it is important that Businesses change to Adapt to this New "Norm".

*Sharp rises in the number of Cases in Singapore & Worldwide

Work from Home

The coronavirus is here to stay for a while and things will not return to norm even after the end of Circuit Breaker.


It is important for businesses to pivot during this COVID-19 period & also beyond it.

Pivot your Mindset

Think Digital

The sudden shift to working from home and reduced social contact has seen mass take-up of online products and services. While this won’t work for every business, if you haven’t set up a strong online presence before, now is the time to do so.

Danger Opportunities

Customer at Home
Airbnb Online Experience

*Airbnb introduce Online Experience after Travel take a Huge Hit

Pivot the way you Deliver

Get Creative

Businesses have to rethink how they can deliver their services especially those shutdown during this circuit breaker but also beyond. It could be a year or longer before things will truly become the same before COIVD-19.

Below are some ideas on what you can do:

  • Sell Gift Cards
  • Create a Pre-Order Program to secure sales or leads
  • Discount and Sell Dead Stock
  • Change the way you deliver your Business
    (Eg, Gym can be creating and selling online exercise courses)
Pivot your Marketing Strategies

Use Digital Marketing

With bulks of peoples working from home and most businesses cutting down on digital ad budgets, which equates to less competition and cheaper cost-per-clicks cost. This is a good opportunity for businesses to take advantage of it and start utilizing it to be on top of the mind of their customers.
Site Traffic of Website during COVID-19*Increase in traffic on popular sites

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy

Immediate Strategy

Social Media

Make sure that you informed your existing customers of any change in working hours or operating mode; to be online instead of physical stop. Letting them know how your business will be operating under this new “norm” and continue to be on top of their mind.
Eg: Pop up on your Website on operating hours, Running Facebook/ Instagram Ads to promote your business’s new way of operating.

Long Term Strategy

SEO Organic

Focus on SEO & content marketing strategy. Now, there is even a more huge audience via Google search as the majority of your potential customers are working from home which equates to more searches. SEO is a long term investment that drives targeted users to your services or products. With lockdown in places, there will be a huge pent up demand – start working on it while your competitors hunker down and your business will be in a much better spot than others.

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