Facebook Advertising Features You Never Know

In this age of near-constant technological development, it can be difficult to keep up with rapidly changing online advertising tools. It can often feel like as soon as you get to know one promotional model, internet businesses are already singing the praises of something different. Facebook have raised to become an instrumental platform for business owners & marketer as it offers a wealth of resources to be a tap on; its billions of users every day.

Facebook Advertising is not just about likes and its standard boost post function. It offers much more than that. This is a guide to the Facebook advertising features that you might not know about.

Custom Audiences

The typical Facebook advertisement is most effective when directed at the right target market. If you utilize the Core Audiences tool, identifying that target market will become easier. With this feature, you can target users according to location, age, hobbies, and interests. But what is little used and very powerful feature is its Custom Audience function. It is an extension of this tool that further refine your targeting.

Imagine about to target all the demographic features of only users who have visited your website only? Custom Audience can target:

  • Users who subscribe to your email newsletter
  • Users who visited your website
  • Even offline customers

Facebook Offers

While Facebook has been allowing business to post advertisements online for a long time; its have just recently release Facebook Offers. If you are not familiar with Facebook Offers, this is a particular type of post that allows for the creation of virtual coupons and vouchers. They are an excellent way to encourage Facebook users to head over to your website. The only criteria before you can create an offer is that you have at least 50 Likes on your Facebook Page. (Created more than one month)

Facebook Offers are a great way to drive new people to your business and engage your customers, and it encourage people to talk about your Page when your offers are shared among friends. But do remember to set a limit to your offers so that it will create supply and demand for it. What we want to do is create interaction with your fans and promote more followers to your Facebook page.

Multiple Product Adverts

These days, it is common for businesses to depend on ad re-targeting to draw in clients. Fortunately, Facebook continues to develop and expand all the time and has recently enhanced the option to target audiences using specific product combinations. For example, three different products can now be packaged, connected, and advertised together. This allows for maximum product exposure and is especially useful for eCommerce business. Combine these with Custom Audience targeting, it will greatly enhance your ROI in Facebook Advertising.


Today, Facebook is more than just getting Likes and have become more than just a social media platform. Its advertising platform is always changing and with some of its innovative features, it had become must-have for every business who is looking at advertising in the digital arena.