Google is releasing Page Penalty Algorithm “Doorway”

Doorways are meant to be sites and pages that were purposely created to get higher ranking on specific search terms. Its sole purpose is to spam the Google Search Result Pages with multiple pages or domains. Obviously, these are irrelevant to users because clicking on it resulted in bringing the user to the same URL destination. It also can mislead to users to intermediate pages that are not as meaningful as the final destination.

The doorways examples are:

  1. Multiple domains names or pages pointed to specific regions and/or citing those funnel users to a particular page
  2. Pages or posts generated to funnel audiences into the actual usable or relevant portion of the website
  3. Similar pages that are approximate to search results than a precisely defined

Google is taking serious algorithmic action on doorway pages in near future. The new algorithm changes will make an impact on those pages that are trying to boost their search presence. Google has officially announced that they are releasing a new “ranking update” to this doorway pages as to better filter the search results.

Brian White from Google said doorway campaigns might see a great impact on this change regardless big or established sites. This will become real soon.

To avoid those impacts might be a critical question. How do we differentiate whether it is a doorway page? You may like to ask yourself below questions.

  1. Are you optimizing with the correct approach to funnel down visitors into actual usable portion of the site
  2. Are your contents unique enough according to the user experience?
  3. Are the pages purposely done to get ranked in generic terms or yet the content itself is presented on the page is very specific?
  4. Are all useful aggregations of the components duplicated (products, demographic, store locations, etc.) and/or which already exist on the site for the purpose of accumulating more traffic?
  5. Are the content pages difficult or impossible to navigate to from other location of your website?
  6. Links to those pages from other pages within the site itself of the network of sites created just for search engine purposes?