Should you worry about Google Mobile Friendly Update ?

n February, Google caught online businesses by surprise with an unexpected announcement. It revealed plans to update its mobile friendly algorithm, in order to make it easier for users to locate mobile optimized content.

Whilst the development, which came into effect on April 21st, could spell trouble for site owners. It is rare for Google to let businesses know about this sort of update before it happens. The slight delay has given businesses a chance to prepare their online content, and offer visitors a more optimized experience. Yet, some companies are still floundering, and this is likely because they do not fully understand how the algorithm impacts their website traffic.

What do I need to know about the update?

In the most basic terms, Google has decided to advance its use of mobile friendly characteristics as an indicator of ranking in mobile devices. This means that websites, which are not mobile optimized, will lose out when it comes to the top search engine appearances on mobile devices.

Is my website at risk of being damaged by the update?

This answer is “Yes” and “No” since it heavily depends on your business industry whether your business relies on the searches on the go. It is important for all online businesses to determine whether or not they will be affected. Fortunately, Google has pointed companies in the direction of some valuable tools and metrics.

  • The Mobile Friendliness Tool is a simple system which gives users a thumbs up or thumbs down, according to the mobile compatibility of their website. Whilst this is not the most in-depth tool, it does provide a useful snapshot of where your business is at.
  • or if you have Google Webmaster Tools installed on your site, you can check out the Mobile Usability Report.

How do I make my website more mobile friendly?

The bottom line is that any major update from Google cannot be ignored by online businesses. It is a change which is bound to affect all internet based companies, and you do want yours to be on the right side of the fence. If your platform is not mobile optimized, you could be missing out on a significant degree of conversions.

If possible, liaise with a skilled developer, and discuss what your limitations are, what level of modification your budget will allow for, and what you ideally hope to achieve. You can do this by taking a close look at the amount of traffic being directed from mobile devices.


The problem is that too many businesses are panicking about the update or even being told they need to make their site mobile friendly by their agency and neglecting the need to slow down and really think about whether rapid changes are the best option. Yes, it is important to make your website mobile friendly as that is the future in website development ever since the rise of smartphones and even wearable technologies nowadays. But if your business is not searched on the go by your potential customer due to your niche then chances are, you can ignore this frenzy bandwagon for now and concentrate on another aspect of SEO to rank higher in desktop result page and have this mobile friendly changes done on your website revamp.

“Do not panic but, start to prepare and get ready for the change.” Ultimately, all website has to be mobile friendly as this is the new trend in the world of  online marketing as we get even more and more connected on the go with smart phones and wearable technologies.