Six things to Consider when choosing the Perfect CMS Website

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) website is essential. The right choice will make it easy to keep the site up to date and well maintained – saving you valuable time. The first thing you will notice when you start to consider your options is the variety of products that are out there. There is some steep competition, and not all systems are created equal. Read on to find out more about what we consider to be the five essential considerations when choosing the ultimate CMS website.

Standard Functionality

Your CMS should offer you an intuitive arrangement. It should be logical, and easy to navigate. It should provide an excellent selection of options without being overwhelming beside the web design itself. Choose a system that excels at the particular thing you want to focus on whether that is blogging, video components or slideshows. The core functionality plays a part when you manage editing, creating, deleting and organizing pages.

Speed and Simplicity

Your CMS should keep your website clean and simple – resulting in fast error free page loads. One of the best benefits of robust CMS is that the final published page should contain no extra code. This efficiency prevents system errors and loading problems, resulting in a seamless experience for your visitors. You may also like to test the loading speed by using the Google speed testing tool, which you may find useful in eliminating the unnecessary javascript and CSS.

A Friendly Editor

The publisher should offer standard options in a clean presentation that makes it easy to create and customize your content. It should be user-friendly – we are not all developers. Typical users want full access and control without a hairpin learning curve. The editor can be cutting edge, and jam packed with features while remaining friendly and intuitive. Example, WordPress editor, which is very easy to use like Microsoft word.

Contributor Permissions

Whether you prefer to work alone, or as part of an extensive team, the time will come when you want to give someone access to your website. The ability to create individual usernames and passwords for each contributor is vital. A good CMS should provide the option to give each subscriber a customized level of access to the site. This allows top-level users to have more control and restricted users to access only the areas and features that are relevant to their objectives. Example, an e-commerce site has different user level access.

Google likes CMS

CMS sites have multiple pages, which also is a dynamic platform. The publisher can create as many pages as they wish to while Google wants as many fresh and quality content as there are. Everytime a site publishes a page or a blog post, for example; Google bot has to crawl to index the page/post. Then Google will identify the quality and relevancy of the content to promote you in Google rankings.

Excellent Support and Information

Whichever CMS you choose, make sure it has an abundance of clear and accessible support. Good quality materials for learning, from the basics to the advanced user experience, should be readily available. You might expect searchable databases and well-written help files. You may also find user forums – offered by the CMS provider or pop up around the internet – to be great places for finding information and personalized advice.


Choosing the best CMS website is an essential step. The right choice will allow you to create exactly the content you want, with the customization options you expect. Making the right thing in the beginning will save you a lot of time later. These are just six of the most important factors to consider when choosing your cms website. Call us to discuss further details of your project at no obligations. Digitrio provides the most SEO friendly CMS platform WordPress, and we can kick off in no time.