Web Design Singapore that is SEO and Mobile Friendly

Your website is the first thing people see when they look for your business online. That’s why 94% of users form their first impressions based on your web design.

At Digitrio, we have helped over many businesses create great first impressions with user-friendly, functional, and visually professional websites.

We design websites that not only look good, but also maximises your sales by being optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

Let us help build your professional website today. Contact us to find out more about our web design services.

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We Don't Just Build Pretty Websites, We Make Them Functional Too

Good web design is not just about making a webpage look pretty. Sure, that's important - but there's more to it than that.

When we design websites, we adopt the best practices from UI and UX to create websites that not only look great but work great too. So if you're looking for a website that's both easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, we've got you covered

Why Choose Us for Web Design Services?

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Guaranteed Both Ranking & Traffic

Rather than just focusing on getting a certain % of keywords on Page 1, we focused on driving more traffic by ranking your main money keywords (With High Search Volume) higher on Page 1, ranking more low competition keywords, and crafting quality blog content that drives even more relevant organic traffic to your website.

No Lock In SEO Contract

No Lock-In SEO Contract

At Digitrio, we don’t believe in lock-in yearly contract with our SEO services. We want to earn our keep and win your business month after month. But, sometimes circumstances change and we understand. We simply ask for the courtesy of 30 days notice should you wish to cease services.

SEO Track Record

Proven SEO Track Record

SEO is one of the toughest industries to rank for. As an SEO agency in Singapore, we take pride in our own SEO results; being able to rank for it on Page 1. If we can do it for our website, we are confident that we will be able to help do it for your website as well by applying the same SEO framework that we have applied to our own website.

Why Most SEO Does Not Work


It is easy to rank for keywords that no one is searching for as there is little to no competition.

Limited Keywords Targeting

Google has evolved over the years and a single page can be ranked for a lot of different keywords as long as they are of the same search intent.

Keywords STuffing And Keywords Density

 Your content is still filled with keywords that do not make sense and are just for the sake of SEO instead of users. Google has rolled up a helpful content update to target sites that are still doing that. 

Creating THin Blog Content Monthly for SEO

Creating blogs that are 400-500 words does not add any value to SEO or users. With roughly 4.4 million new blog posts published every day, it is vital to craft keyword-driven content to drive more value.

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Google's mission statement is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


Our Proven K.A.R.A SEO Framework Process

In order to get consistent results from search engine optimization (SEO), it is essential to have an SEO strategy and framework to follow to get to page 1 of the search engine results page (SERP).

Digitrio SEO service provider - K.A.R.A SEO Framework - SEO Company

The Results?

Digitrio - Organic Search Results

*Ranking might slightly fluctuate


Keywords SEO Pillar

Keywords are the foundation when it comes to SEO and the type of keyword and the quality of the keywords you target play a big role in the outcome of your SEO efforts.

We want to be targeting keywords that your targeted audiences are most commonly using to search for and below are 4 keys areas we mainly want to look into for quality keywords in SEO:

  1. Type of Search Intent
  2. Average Monthly Searches of the Keywords
  3. Commercial Values of the Keywords
  4. The difficulty of the keywords relative to your website


Accessibility SEO Pillar

Accessibility is about making sure that your site architecture is in a logical link structure that allows ease of Google to crawl & index it so as to better understand what your site is about.

Below are the 4 main pointers that will allow search engines to better access your website.

  1. Organized Site Structure
  2. No Website Errors
  3. Google Page Experience
  4. Internal Linking


Relevancy SEO Pillar

Relevancy is about how optimizing your webpage content to make sure it provides useful information based on the keywords entered by the searchers. It is one of the many On-page SEO factors that search engines consider is how relevant the content on the page is to the organic search term or topic.

There are many ways that search engines like Google will evaluate the site's content relevance.

  1. Meta Title & Description
  2. SEO-Friendly URL
  3. Header 1, Header 2, Header 3 & Etc
  4. Content Matches Search Intent and contains relevant keywords


Authority SEO Pillar

Authority is about optimizing your website to be more trustworthy to Google through acquiring links.

Search engines want to provide users with reliable and credible information and one of the ways, they use to identify it is if other websites link to you. Google interprets a link from site A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages “important.”

Below are 3 factors search engines like Google consider:

  1. Quantity of Links
  2. Quality of Links
  3. Anchor Text

Our SEO Phrases

Below are the different phrases that our SEO agency deploy:

  • STEP 1

  • STEP 2

  • STEP 3

  • STEP 4

  • STEP 5

  • STEP 6

Step 1: Keywords Research Phrase

The first phase of SEO is to do extensive keyword research into your targeted market and what they are searching for. Keyword research allows us to find out what your potential customers are typing into the search engines with the goal of using that as the foundation for our SEO campaign. it allows us to uncover queries to target, the popularity of these queries, their ranking difficulty, and more. During this stage, we want to identify the list of keywords that are of different competitive and their search volumes per month and what are the “low hanging fruits” of keywords that we can target first to drive easier win for more organic traffic to our website.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Website?

It depends on your current website’s SEO domain authority vs those ranking on Page 1. It could be as fast as 1 month or as long as 6 months. But in general, we begin to see ranking improvements during the first 3 months as fresh and optimized content starts to rank for less competitive keywords with lower search volumes. It’s in the 3-6 month range, where we begin to see significantly increased traffic and leads as your site begins to rank for more competitive keywords with higher search volumes. SEO is a long-term strategy that compounds over time and you can read up on this article that we wrote to understand more about what is SEO and how it works.

Results You Can Expect from SEO Services

Our Web Design Services in Singapore

Below are the main key activities that are included in it:


Keyword Research

We will dive deep into extensive keyword research to help identify help you locate keywords that are low-hanging fruits and also the money keywords (the highest search volume per month) so from there, we will formulate a plan to start our SEO optimization work.


Website Audit

Before we work on your site, we will do a comprehensive audit of your current site structure and content, as well as look for technical issues and backlinks. This will help us determine where the problems are and where we can grow your business.


SEO Pages Content Implementation

After we’ve found a holistic picture of your website, we’ll help you improve your existing content, making it more relevant, more focused, and plagiarism-free to the keywords we are looking to drive more traffic to.


Technical Implementation & Site Speed

Next, we dig into your code to compress images, combine scripts, and overall make sure your site is fast and structured in a way that Google will understand.


Content Creation

Content is key! We’ll help you create valuable useful blog articles that are well researched to drive even more traffic to your site based on what your audience is currently asking and wanted to know.


Link Building

It is also commonly known as Off-Page SEO. We will help create links back to your website through guest posting. This is one of the top 3 ranking factors and a key part of our strategy.

Get your FREE Customized Web Proposal

Digitrio offers web design packages starting from $3,000, but it varies depending on your industry & competition.  Inquiry with us to get an exact costing of the web design.

The FREE proposal will reveal the following:

  • Competitor Analysis of their Traffic & What they are targeting
  • Proven SEO Approach that We use to Achieve Page #1 for "SEO Singapore"
  • How to drive more Ranking & Traffic than your competitors
  • Different Investment Options customized based off your Website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If you're thinking about hiring a web designer, you might be wondering if it's worth the investment. After all, many web design tools are available for free online, so why pay someone to do something you can do yourself?

There are a few things to consider when making this decision. First, web design is more than just putting together a nice-looking website. A good web designer will also have expertise in web development, the latest web design trends, user experience, and search engine optimisation. In other words, they'll know how to build a website that not only looks good but also works well and ranks high in search engines.

Second, even if you can put together a decent website on your own, it's unlikely that it will look as professional as one designed by a web designer. If you're running a business, first impressions are essential, and an unprofessional-looking website could hurt your chances of attracting and retaining customers.

Finally, keep in mind that a web designer can save you a lot of time and frustration. Trying to learn web design on your own can be slow going, and even if you eventually figure it out, you'll still have spent countless hours that could have been better spent on other aspects of your business.

So is hiring a web designer worth it? It depends on your needs and budget, but in many cases, the answer is yes.


The cost of web design services can vary depending on the scope of the project.

For smaller projects, such as creating a simple website or landing page, web designers may charge an hourly rate of $50-$200. 

For more complex projects, such as building an e-commerce website or designing a web app, web designers may charge a fixed price for the entire project. The average prices range from $5,000-$20,000. At Digitrio, our web design packages start from $3,000 for a simple services website.

Ultimately, the best way to determine how much you should budget for web design services is to consult with an experienced team who can assess your needs and recommend a package that's right for your business. If you’re ready to build your website, chat with us today.


Maintaining the website ranges from $140 to $10,000 per year. It will consist mainly of the yearly domain name cost and the hosting fee. The cost varies vastly depending on the types of hosting that you are using. For a start-up, you can start off with shared hosting services which start from as low as $120 per year plus  $20 per year for a .com domain.