What Everybody Ought to Know About Call Tracking

When come to driving leads/sales with your Internet marketing efforts, you should not ignore the hottest leads that can come from phone calls. Before the rise of Internet shopping, the majority of customers would make phone queries about products and services, and many of them used the phone to buy things they had seen in a catalogue or an ad.

But, today at the digital age, many marketers are obsessed with using the Internet as the main method of connecting with their target audience, but you could be losing out on conversions of you ignore the value of customer engagement through phone calls.

Below are 3 reasons to include Call Tracking as a metrics to track when running your Internet marketing campaign:

More Sales Result from Engagement by Phone

People who make phone calls have already gone beyond the phase of considering using a product or a service. By calling on the phone, they are expressing a definite interest in your services.

It’s Easier to Connect and Engage with a Phone Call

Marketers should not forget that making a phone call is usually the easiest way to efficient connect. Someone who clicks on your site with a mobile device will find it difficult to fill out an online form on a landing page, and they may most likely to touch dials straight. Calls are as important as email inquiry, which has the highest interest and hottest buying signal on your products and services. They can be even converted into sales during the conversation if the representative press the right button. In fact, if any prospect that has managed to fill out a form on a landing page has to wait for someone from the company to connect and engage with them. It usually takes longer time in the sales process.

Prospects are increased through the day

Businesses, that acquire lead generation shouldn’t ignore the benefits of call tracking. Besides the traditional way of measuring the online conversion via contact form submission, call tracking key lets you determine the key metric that is important for the success of your marketing campaigns. It can track, the record for quality and coaching purposes. Remember, more than 20% of your prospective customers leave you since they find the tedious job to fill up your web contact form, they simply like to make calls.

Having a call tracking in place will ensure that you will never miss another call from your potential client. You will be aware of the missed call, dropped call and etc.


Without call tracking, there is no way to fully measure accurately the impact of your internet marketing campaign and how much they are contributing to offline sales. With the raise in more mobile browsing, it is even more essential to start including call tracking in your web analytics data as well especially in b2c industry as it is easier to connect via phone call for your customers.

Here at Digitrio, we implement call tracking in our Internet marketing services such as SEO & SEM. This allows us to track both offline & onsite conversions so as to achieve better ROI for all our clients.

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