Why Is It Important For the Sites To Be Google Friendly?

Why Important to be Google Friendly

Web marketing is the technology buzzword of today, however when it comes to creating an effective business website, SEO is vital to getting your web page noticed. All companies want to achieve a high ranking on the Google search engine. Appearing at the top of the listings generates more traffic and creates more potential customers. This article looks at the importance of making your firm’s internet presence Google friendly to generate more business.

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the process of updating or creating a website so that it can be boosted higher up the Google search rankings.

How is SEO achieved with your website? Well, a successful SEO is achieved  by:

  • Using meta tags
  • Using keywords
  • Using links
  • Using HTML tags, and most importantly,
  • The Relevancy

A successful SEO campaign means a right mixture of a strategic relevancy in terms of technical expertise and business aspects, which align with Google Web Master guidelines. What does Google like? Unquestionably, Google likes quality content and relevancy.

Are There Any Other Considerations? Yes. With the introduction of the new Google algorithm, it also requires websites to be mobile device-friendly if they want to rank highly. This means that they must if someone intends to achieve in mobile ranking as well. Mobile friendly sites have advantages.

  • Be easily accessible on mobile devices
  • Be visually appealing on smartphones
  • Have fast page load times
  • Be easy for users to achieve their objective quickly

Benefits Of SEO?

If a website is search engine optimized and has an easy to use the mobile interface, Google will reward you a higher level rankings. This means that it will appear at or near the top of the listings within the first few pages when someone searches for your product or service. The advantages to this are obvious. If more people can find your website, more people will be tempted to access your web page. Studies have shown that people are most likely only to look at the first page of Google listings and are most inclined to select a listing from the top 5. That means that if your business is in the top 5 entries, you are going to receive more traffic. More visitors will mean more customers who are likely to buy your product or service. Therefore, the benefits of SEO are clear – if your website is Google friendly, you will make more sales than a company that has a low ranking.

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