Display Advertising

Display advertising is used to generate awareness around your brand. It refers to any text, images, or videos that you pay to have placed on other peoples’ websites to advertise your products or services

Did you know that 95% of what people do online is engaged in the content on websites? Whether they’re reading news on Channel NewsAsia, watching videos on YouTube, or surfing Tumblr, people are interested in doing stuff online. SEO and SEM are great at getting users to do stuff on your site. But if they miss that window and do something else online, SEO and SEM don’t do anything else for you.

This is where banner advertising comes in. Banner advertising, or display advertising, bring your name in front of people who are engaging in content outside your website. Google Display Network is the world’s number one ad network, reaching more than 80% of users worldwide through Blogspot, Adsense, and more.

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Benefits of Display Advertising

Here are three major reasons you should consider investing in banner advertising.

01. Generate Awareness

The more people see your brand and recognize it, the more likely they are to buy from you when they need the services you offer in the future.

02. Generate Sales / Leads

If people see your advertisement and need the services or products you offer, they’re likely to buy from you because your banner advertisement makes it convenient.

03. Generate Loyalty

One option in Google Display Network is called “Remarketing.” This option helps target your ads to users who already expressed an interest in your website but left without converting. Reminding them of who you are can drive them back to your site to take action.

Google Remarketing

One of the key targeting options in Google Display Network is called Remarketing. This allows you to show a customized message to users who have visited your site before but chose not to purchase.

How is this useful? Users rarely purchase anything the first time they visit your site. Instead, they think about the services or products you offer and consider whether they want to take action. Remarketing reminds these users about you and builds up their trust in your brand over time. This can yield the highest conversion rates when compared to all the other targeting options.

Google Remarketing