Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising?

Display Advertising is a type of advertising located on websites in the form of text, images, videos or even rich media format. It can help Develop & Generate Awareness about your products/ services to the right audience at the right time.

Did you know that roughly 95% of users’ times are spend reading engaging content on websites – be it reading news on Channel NewsAsia, watching videos on YouTube, etc? SEO and SEM are great at capturing users at the information-gathering stage but not beyond that.

Display Advertising, which is also called Banner Advertising, is basically an advertisement that is placed alongside website content. Google Display Network is the world’s number one ad network, reaching more than 80% of internet users worldwide through Blogspot, Adsense and more.

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Benefits of Display Advertising

Below are the few reasons for you to consider doing display advertising:

Generate Awareness

Have your Display Ads appear in front of millions of users based on demographics, interest & more.

Generate Sales / Leads

Display Advertising is still highly under-utilized. It is more than just for brand awareness. In fact, display advertising is vital in assisting &  completing the buying cycle of the user and is generally a much cheaper option as compared to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on a per click basis.

Generate Loyalty

One of the options in Google Display Network is called Remarketing. This helps target your ads to users who already expressed interest in your website and left without converting. Reminding them of your services can immensely drive them to come back to your site to take action.

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is one of the targeting options in the Google Display Network (GDN). It allows you to show a customized Ads message to interested users who have visited your site and left without carrying out desired action. Rarely does a user purchase something on their first visit, and Google Remarketing offers you the chance to tempt and remind them of your presence.

With the right remarketing audience list, Google Remarketing can yield the highest conversions among all other targeting options.

Simple Remarketing Flow

User visit our website -> User left & start seeing our Ads on other websites-> User click on it & bring them back to our website