What is SEO (Infographic)

SEO Explained in Simple Terms

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In the early days of SEO, obtaining top rankings for keywords was much easier than it is today. It was easier to crack the search engine algorithms and all it was to include keywords you want to rank for all over your website. But over the years, search engine algorithms have gotten complex and much more than that.

To truly understand about SEO Singapore, it is essential to understand the intent of the search engine and in this instance, Google.  It has always been about connecting searchers looking for information with the most relevant information available online for Google for that is where they will be able to sell their advertising platform, Google Adwords. The more searchers trust Google, the more they use it and the more the advertiser.

SEO is complex but the explanation does not have to be. SEO is simply about Relevance & Authority.


What is SEO - Infographics


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Relevancy is about having the content write up about the keywords you are looking to rank in a natural way without forcing it. It should be written with the intention to provide the user with the best answer to what they are looking for while taking note to the keywords mentioned in strategic location that allow Google to understand its importance of it, like meta title, descriptions, header 1 & etc.


Authority is about how much Google trust your website. Having a websites that been on the internet for 10 years or longer definitely increase the trustworthiness of the site as it show that the business is serious and is not just there for a year or so. Links are also one factor that Google use to judge based on the website that links to you. Eg, If Amazon.com link to your site, it will definitely increase your authority in Google’s eye. When it come to links, quality matters over quantity.