What is SEO (Infographic)

To answer what is SEO, firstly, we need to understand that SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization.” As the name suggests, it means the process of improving your site according to the search engine, Google so that your website will be rank better and gain more visibility and online traffic from it.

Search engine like Google has a set of ranking factors that they consider when deciding which website result to appear on top for each search query.

History of SEO

SEO’s Brief History

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and well-thought-out mechanism that becomes smarter every year. The main goal of the SEO process is to give users the information they really need and do it in a split second. However, this process was not always so high-quality and lightning-fast.

Search engine optimization was evolving over the years so that modern users can fully trust Google’s opinion when it selects information, according to their requests. Let’s take a look at how SEO works from the inside out and what you can do to improve your site’s search engine performance.


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How Does SEO Works

Google is one of the most popular search engines and before we dive into the topic of how SEO works, it is important that we understand how does Gooogle search works. It performs three main functions:

  • Crawling
    Crawling is the process of content discoveries. Google “spiders” are visiting from one page to another following the links placed on each and adding new content to their database of discovered URLs, also known as their “search index” database.
  • Indexing
    At the indexing stage, Google analyses the essence of the content published on each webpage through their crawling process and add them to their “search index”. Each of the indexed web pages becomes eligible to be shown in search results.  Thus, when we are doing a search in Google, we are actually searching through their databases of sites that they have found.
  • Ranking
    Ranking means an organization of the web pages in a numbered lists that is based on the search query entered. The most relevant result will be shown in the first position and the less relevant – in the last. They manage to do this via what is known as Google algorithms that are made up of hundreds of different ranking factors.
In a nutshell, Google search's main objective is to deliver relevant results to the users by trying to understand your intent behind your query entered.

SEO Explained in Simple Terms

To truly understand about SEO , it is essential to understand the intent of the search engine and in this instance, Google.  It has always been about connecting searchers looking for information with the most relevant information available online for Google for that is where they will be able to sell their advertising platform, Google Adwords. The more searchers trust Google, the more they use it and the more the advertiser.

SEO is complex but the explanation does not have to be. SEO is simply about Relevance & Authority.



Relevancy is about having the content write up about the keywords you are looking to rank in a natural way without forcing it. It should be written with the intention to provide the user with the best answer to what they are looking for while taking note to the keywords mentioned in strategic location that allow Google to understand its importance of it, like meta title, descriptions, header 1 & etc.

Seo Trust Authority


Authority is about how much Google trust your website. Having a websites that been on the internet for 10 years or longer definitely increase the trustworthiness of the site as it show that the business is serious and is not just there for a year or so. Links are also one factor that Google use to judge based on the website that links to you. Eg, If Amazon.com link to your site, it will definitely increase your authority in Google’s eye. When it come to links, quality matters over quantity.

What is SEO - Infographics