Get the most Relevant Keywords with the "Search Volume" ranked on Page 1.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website and its content to ensure that search engines can easily index them. 

From a commercial perspective, natural search is defined as ‘Free’ because there is no direct media cost for the clicks, unlike paid search where you pay for each click. That does not mean you do not need a budget for SEO. A comprehensive SEO plan will require investment in areas like onsite implementation, quality content and authority link building and always be up to date on the ever-changing Google Algorithms.

Gain an in-depth understanding of "What is SEO", should you wish to understand more. 

To put SEO simply - the more frequently your website appears in the search results with the related search terms, the more visitors you gain from search engines.

Why Should You Choose Digitrio? 

SEO Services are about more than just getting ranked, and the following benefits differentiate us from the crowd: 

Result Oriented

We'll get you on Page 1 with the most relevant keywords with the "Search Volume." In fact, we understand that "Ranking isn't Everything." Getting your keywords on Page 1 doesn’t amount to increase traffic.

Matt Cutts, the head of the Webspam team in Google has said if your selected key phrases are untargeted or ridiculously long-tailed, you might easily get on Page 1 - but without any traffic. Example is below:

keywords selection methodology

For instance - Your correct approach of the targeted keyword “wedding planner Singapore” which has 1,000 monthly searches. A conversion rate of 3% of these 1,000 potential customers means an additional 30 sales per month organically. Keywords research and optimization of the most relevant keywords is critical to the success of an SEO campaign, as it generates targeted traffic, leads, and conversions.

We'll bring "Targeted Traffic & Leads" for you to achieve a better ROI in as fast as 3 months.

No-Gimmick SEO -  We offer No Lock-In contracts since we are confident and proud of our quality services. SEO takes time to grow, however, give us a month's notice and opt-out if you don't see any significant improvement or result after the first three months of the campaign.


24/7 Access to campaign results since Google updates their algorithms almost every day. Our system allows you to access the ranking report, analytics and metrics updated daily at

A Dedicated Account Manager is assigned to you. He / She will be looking after your campaign and providing you with regular updates from time to time. We offer a Quarterly Performance Review with the success of the campaign metrics to maximize your ROI.

Our SEO Call Tracking solution uses a sophisticated technology to dynamically swap out your number with the Ads number. This number can then be tracked to know the keywords that have resulted in a call, granting you a further insight to your campaign.

Solutions, rather than just Services

We offer solutions, rather than just services, with our holistic approach to achieving our client's marketing objectives. We empower our workforce through effective communication and training. Our Tailor-made SEO strategy has No Hidden-Cost / Setup Fee at all.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Targeted Audience
    There are no better potential "clients" than from SEO, since they are already actively searching for products/services you are offering.

  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
    Unlike Pay-per-click (SEM), the amount of traffic is not limited by what you spend.

  • 24/7 Advertising
    Your website listing on Google will be there 24/7 - Monday to Sunday, since the Internet is always connected.

  • Cost Efficient
    SEO is the one of the most cost-effective ways of internet marketing, a small investment for long-term growth.

Our SEO Services

Digitrio's SEO campaigns are highly measurable & performance-driven with metrics.

Set Goals

Based on your industry niche, competition and objectives, we help you plan the KPIs for the website and the tracking metrics. This is to define goals and help you make informative marketing decisions.

Track Calls

Call Tracking is often overlooked as a metrics for measuring success - but we ensure it's included. We offer call tracking for all our services, thus we have the complete pictures to measure against the set KPIs.

24/7 Report

Besides the monthly report sent via email, it is important for all our clients have 24/7 access to the campaign performance. You are given the login details to view the report live.

Our SEO Approach

Agile SEO Process

We adopt the following agile framework to all of our SEO campaigns:

1. Discover 2. Analyze 3. Strategize 4. Execute 5. Measure 6. Report 7. Adjust

1. Discover

Identify each site's purpose. Is it to collect leads? Drive more sales? Newsletter Sign up?

2. Analyze

Do a manual & automatic SEO Audit on your website. List down the major issues such as broken links, etc.

3. Strategize

Create a short & long-term SEO plan. Determine the right landing pages, keyword phrases to target and link-building strategies. 

4. Execute

Perform the SEO using the checklists & strategies previously done up.

5. Measure

Measure the success of your SEO campaign determined in Step 1 using the Call Tracking & Google Analytics' Goals Setting.

6. Report

Get daily updates on the progress of your campaign through our system. View ranking of keyword phrases, traffic and more.

7. Adjust

Once we identify the success metrics of our SEO campaign, it is time to make adjustments - to make sure that we are getting the best conversions we can get.

Repeat the Process

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