Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Is Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization  is the process of optimizing your website for attracting more organic traffic (also known as free traffic) from search engines like Google and Bing by ranking higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for relevant search queries. Search engines like Google use over 200+ factors known as Google Algorithms to return the result of your search query in a split second. Check out this helpful SEO Infographic which explains all about search engine optimization in a nutshell.

Why It is Important
To Your Business?

To put it simply, SEO lay the foundation to your website. By having a well optimized SEO website mean that your website is secure, loading fast, having a great user experience, mobile friendly and having great content to educate and help the users. These all translate to driving large volume of targeted traffic to your business website which in turn should generate more leads /sales for you in the long run.

Why Choose Digitrio’s SEO Services?

We don’t give false guarantees and have no lock-in contracts – all for the benefit of our clients.  We also don’t believe in humdrum techniques like guaranteed rankings. In reality, what does ranking give you? Traffic! If so, why aren’t they guaranteeing traffic?

Matt Cutts, the ex head of the Webspam team in Google said that if your selected key phrases are untargeted or ridiculously long-tailed, you might easily get on Page #1 but drive No Traffic that benefit the business.

Which is why at Digitrio, we go beyond simply focusing at just Rankings the keywords on Page #1. We want to ensure that we first select relevant keywords with search volumes to be optimized; measure organic Traffic growth & setup goals tracking in analytics to measure Leads/Sales growth.

How Your Website Is Performing?



Our SEO Services Cover the Following:

SEO is not a myth. We provide white hat SEO that focus on great quality content. These ensure that we are safe from any Google Algorithms changes and for the long term. Below are what are included in our SEO services and the main things that we will be doing to help you win your competition in search engine result pages (SERPs).


An ideal keywords should be with clear search intent that matches the services/products offered with good amount of search volume. Wrong keywords selection will lead to an unsuccessful SEO.


Before we start working on your site, we will do a comprehensive audit of the website's site structure, content writeup, technical issues & backlinks profile that allow us to know where the issues are.


After we get a picture of your website issue, we start by fixing & revising the content write up to make it keywords focused, plagiarism free writeup that the search engine can understand.


This is where, we start to get into the backend code to help to optimize the site speed, compress images, minify & combine scripts into a easy site structure that Google can easily understand.


Content is King. Google favour great quality content, we will help to create 4 high quality articles throughout the 12 months campaigns that is a great magnet to attract good quality links.


Links are still the top 3 ranking factors. Our approach to link building is guest posting & promoting our articles that we created for you to gain valuable and high quality links. We focus more on quality than quantity.

Do You Want More SEO Traffic?

If you keen to start exploring SEO for your long term traffic growth, fill up the form for a free quote & proposal on how we can help you achieve your goals.


Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a long term process that typically take 3-6 months to have visible result. Thus, start doing it today to enjoy the below benefits:

Highly Targeted Audiences
Huge Amount of Traffic
24/7 Advertising
Cost Efficient (Great ROI)