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What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO Singapore is basically a fancy term that refers to how you tell search engines what your website is about and who to show it to. Every time someone types a query into Google, the Google engine works behind the scenes to decide which websites should show up in response. Google uses over 200+ factors (known as Google Algorithms) to make this split-second decision on behalf of the user. Google, and other search engines like it, is getting smarter every day. SEO services can help websites rank higher up in search engines and increase their visibility and reach to a wider audience. Digitrio is an SEO company in Singapore that can help you with effective strategies to boost organic traffic to your site.  This SEO infographic breaks down what is SEO in an even more simpler information for you.

Why is it Important
To Your Business?

The number one way to drive organic (unpaid) traffic to your website is to make sure your website is ranking high for your target key words in Google and other search engines. When someone types a question into Google, they’re most likely going to click on the first website that comes up. If they don’t click on the first website, they’re probably going to click on one of the first three websites. The higher your website ranks for your search terms, the more likely people are to check out your website.

How do you increase your SEO ranking? Have a fast, secure, mobile-friendly & authority website with great content that people want to read that Google loves.  Use this free SEO audit from us to check on your website in 60 seconds or less to improve your website today!

Why Choose Digitrio's SEO Services?

Other websites will guarantee you certain rankings in Google. What they won’t guarantee is traffic. Why is that?

According to Matt Cutts, the ex-head of the Webspam Team in Google, it’s easy to rank the #1 position for keywords no one is searching for. But if no one is search for those keywords, ranking #1 doesn’t actually do you any good.

SEO Singapore -Keywords Selections

Here at Digitrio, we go beyond guaranteed rankings in Singapore. Our first step will always be to help you target the right key words. Then, we’ll help you create a plan to increase your traffic and your sales, not just your rankings. As a reputed SEO company, we understand the specific requirements of every industry and devise online marketing strategies tailor-made to your needs. Eventually, it will help to improve your SEO ranking.

Digitrio's SEO Iceberg in Singapore

Success Factors of SEO in Singapore

Ranking refers to how early your website shows up when your customers type one of your keywords into Google or other search engines (i.e. how high you rank). We’d be lying if we said this wasn’t important. Ranking is an important metric to monitor when determining whether or not your current marketing strategy is working for you. However, ranking alone is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your online strategy. Before you consider how high your keywords are ranking in Google, be sure that you’ve gone through this three-point checklist to guarantee your keywords matter.
  1. Relevance: Will your website actually matter to people who are searching for your keywords? For example, if you sell shoes but your website is optimized for the word “water bottles,” then people who are looking for water bottles may end up on your website—but they’re not going to buy anything, because your site won’t be relevant to them. To avoid such mistakes, our SEO company is committed to providing SEO services that will certainly boost your relevance in the market.
  2. Monthly Search Volume: Are enough people searching for your keywords each month for the keywords to actually drive traffic to your website? Do you see any changes in your SEO rankings? Maybe, you are using keywords that are too long or too niche or you might not have any competition, but they’re still not going to generate traffic. Digitrio offers top-notch SEO services in Singapore that can drive up your monthly search volume significantly.
  3. Competition: On the other hand, if you use a key word that’s too competitive, you’re going to have a hard time beating out big businesses to rank. Instead, you’ll want to start with longer phrases that still have some search volume and slowly build up to more competitive words. Our SEO services are designed to beat the competition and take you well ahead of your rivals.
Organic Traffic Growth
Ranking is used to drive traffic to your website. So, to see if the plan is successful, you have to measure traffic. Specifically, you have to measure organic traffic, i.e., traffic you don’t pay to receive. How do you drive traffic to your website? You have to have high-quality content. Millions of blog posts are published every day, so any content on your website has to be better than what’s already out there if you want anyone to care about it. Here are three important things to consider when creating content.
  1. Define your keywords: Often, people don’t just type key words into Google—they type in questions. When you offer definitions, you answer some of these questions. This can cause you to rank higher than if you just used keywords without defining them because you become relevant to people who are doing research on a topic.
  2. Create sharable content: If people want to share your content on Facebook or social media, or if they want to reference your content in their own pieces, it’s going to rank a lot higher and drive more traffic. How do you know if your content is sharable? Tools like Buzzsumo or Ahrefs can be used to check for social signs, which are a key indicator of sharable content.
  3. Make your content the best: The number one way to drive traffic with content is to ensure the information on your website is better than any information on any other website. Look at what the competition is already writing on your topic. Then, write something that has more information, more research, and a better design than what’s already out there.
Seo Leads Sales
Of course, the ultimate goal of all of this is to increase the leads and sales on your website. We want to drive revenue. In order to see whether or not this is working, we first need to have goals in Google Analytics. Then, we can see if we’re making progress and reaching goals.All the traffic in the world won’t make any difference if your user has a bad experience when they get to your website. That’s why, if you want to generate leads and sales, you can’t ignore your website’s user interface. Here are three important factors to improving user experience on your site.
  1. Mobile Optimization: Mobile optimization refers to whether or not your website is easy to use on a cell phone or tablet. More and more traffic is being driven by mobile devices. As a result, Google now considers your mobile interface before it considers your desktop interface when deciding how high to rank you.
  2. Website Speed: No one wants to wait around while your website loads. Improve the speed of your website by compressing images and scripts to ensure everything loads smoothly.
  3. Conversion Funnel: People need to be directed to buy things on your website. A good sales funnel will help them move through the process of getting onto your website, learning about your product, and ultimately making a purchase.
How Your Website Is Performing?


Our SEO Services in Singapore

There are two different types of online marketing: white hat techniques and black hat techniques. Black hat techniques try to scam the system. These are the “get rich quick” type schemes you see online so often. They may work for a while, but Google actively works against black hat techniques. White hat techniques like we use at Digitrio work long-term because they rely on generating quality content that Google users actually find relevant. As a result, Google rewards these efforts over the long term. Here are some of the white hat techniques we use.


We help you locate keywords that will match the services or products you offer and actually generate traffic.


Before we work on your site, we will do a comprehensive audit of your current site structure and content, as well as look for technical issues and backlinks. This will help us determine where the problems are and where we can grow your business.


After we’ve found a holistic picture of your website, we’ll help you improve your existing content, making it more relevant, more focused, and plagiarism-free.


Next, we dig into your code to compress images, combine scripts, and overall make sure your site is fast and structured in a way that Google will understand.


Content is key! Over a 12 month campaign, we’ll help you create 4 high-quality articles, keeping in mind that Google favours quality over quantity. These longform pieces will attract more visitors and more links to your website.


Guest posts that link back to your website and promoting your articles will generate organic traffic. This is one of the top 3 ranking factors, and a key part of our strategy.


Ready to Get Started?

If you’re keen to learn how we can help you improve your organic traffic and grow your business long term, contact us using this form. Our team will put together a proposal for your business and a free quote.


Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is not a get rich quick scheme. This process usually takes 3-6 months to begin showing results. However, once it takes off, this process works in the long term, generating better and better results over time. It also improves your SEO ranking over time. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll receive if you choose this marketing strategy.

Highly Targeted Audiences

Audiences who find your page through SEO are actively searching for the products or services you’re offering in Singapore. This means they’re more likely to buy from you than your average audiences.

Huge Amount of Traffic

Unlike pay-per-click techniques, your traffic growth is not limited by your wallet.

24/7 Advertising

The internet doesn’t take holidays, and neither should your advertising. Your google listing will be active 24/7, so your advertising isn’t limited to just working hours and working all around to help drive targeted traffic to your website.

Cost Efficient

A small investment in SEO can give your company long-term growth. This is one of the best returns on investment you’ll find when it comes to online marketing.

If you want to improve your business prospects in Singapore, get in touch with the experts at Digitrio and we will help you to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does SEO works for All Businesses?

The answer is No. SEO works on search demands. If what you offer is very common and has a good amount of searches per month, then SEO is definitely a marketing channel to consider. Else, consider other forms of marketing like Facebook advertising.

Do You Offer 90 Days Work for Free SEO Guarantee?

No, we do not. SEO & Guarantees have a bad reputation with tons of emails receiving promising Page 1 ranking at a low cost when they are spamming Google to get you on Page 1 temporarily which can harm you in the long term. It is something that is not advised even by Google. We believe in long term relationships with all our clients where we let the client know the expected KPIs and delivered it, else they can choose to end off the working relationship rather than “Work For Free” which is opportunity cost for the business.

How Much Does SEO Cost

It depends on your niche and competition and also where your current site is in terms of SEO. From there, we will then let you know of the best package to achieve the desired results.

How Long Does it Take to Rank On Page 1

It depends on a lot of factors like how competitive is the keyword we looking to rank vs how authority your site is before we even start SEO. However, you can take a general gauge of 3-6 months for start ranking on Page 1 for the keywords. For a completely new domain, it will be roughly 6-9months before we will be rank on Page 1. (As generally Google put new site under “sandbox”, before trusting the site to start ranking)