Websites come right in "front" of your business in the digital arena.

Why Should you choose Digitrio for Web Design & Development?

A site has to be visually-pleasing but also functional with a great user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Here at Digitrio, we build beautiful & functional sites - to help you gain a head start for your SEO campaign.

SEO Friendly Site Structure

When it comes to building a website, knowing the right keywords that your users are searching for is critical. Your site should be structured around keyword research for the URL, Header for Content & pages.

Mobile Friendly

Gone are the days where you could build a website without taking care of the mobile users.  Mobile queries have officially surpassed those of desktops in May of this year, and with Google's mobile algorithms on April 21st, are a necessity nowadays.

Fast Loading Speed

More users are surfing on the move and having a fast loading speed is essential for them to swipe back to your website. We design & develop all our sites with small file size images, CSS & Javascript - for a speedy response.  They are tested with Google SpeedTest Insight to make sure we achieve at least 70/100.

Optimized Images

Images are all alt tagged and renamed with SEO friendly file-names to ensure help with better crawling by Googlebot rather than just being termed as something like "012323.jpg", as they do not make sense to Google.

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