Web Design & Development

Importance of a Great Web Design Website

Website is the “physical store” of your business’s online presence online. A great website is one that clearly states what your business do, easily to navigate for both users & the search engine.

Why Choose Us?

Digital Consultancy

Before building your website, we want to understand more about your business's objective for us to define the function of the website.

When it comes to building a website, knowing the right keywords that your users are searching for is critical. Your site should be structured around keyword research for the URL, Header for Content & pages.

Performance Monitoring

We design & develop all our sites with small file size images, CSS & Javascript - for a speedy response. They are tested with Google SpeedTest Insight to make sure we achieve at least 70/100.

Social Tracking

Gone are the days where you could build a website without taking care of the mobile users. Mobile queries have officially surpassed those of desktops in May of the 2018.

Traffic Analytic

We will help to setup Google Analytics tracking for you to view & understand the traffic that is coming to your website after the site has gone live.

Conversion Optimization

We will help to setup goals to be track in Google analytics so that you are ready to kick start your online marketing.


Website Security Features

We use WordPress CMS to build all our website. Being an open source platform, it make it vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. All our website built will have security plugin setup, hiding our default WordPress login & most important of them all, a strong password set.