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Hidden Gem in Search Ads (RLSA)

By Digitrio

Post Date: 24 June 2015

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective channels to gain traffics & leads immediately.

But are you making use the most out of it?

Do you know of the hidden gem in Search Ads?

Remarketing List for Search Ads

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) allows advertisers to customize the text Ads for user’s who have visited your site previously when they are searching on Google.

Introduced in 2013, it is one of the most powerful features and yet underutilized features in Google Advertising Platform – Adwords.

But can’t you already do it with normal PPC campaign? What is so different about it?

The key difference is Visited your Site previously!

Imagine having the ability to target users who just visited your products page previously and drafting a specific Ads just for them? Or even rising the bids for keywords they search on. This drastically improved the conversions rate for your campaign.

The reasoning behind it is that when a person visits your site and familiarizes with it, they are more likely to convert. In this, RSLA allows you to have more grainy target on top of the normal keywords targeting. In turn, this delivers high CTR, conversion rates, as well as low costs for every conversion.

In turn, this delivers high CTR, conversion rates, as well as low costs for every conversion.

Below are some for creative uses for Remarketing List for Seach Ads:

  • Optimize bids – Raised your bids a bit for users who visited your product page previously and when they are searching for related queries to gain a higher position.
  • Broaden keywords – Target broader keywords like “gift” or “present” which in most case will not be profitable. But because you have set to target those keywords only users who have purchased gifts from your website before. It is a totally different story as they will be more likely to convert as they are interested in it.
  • Customize Ad text –Provide an Added Advantage for repeat visitors by offering discounts and coupons. This will greatly improve and entice them leading to higher conversion.

So now that you have understanded the benefits of it, what is the requirement for to kickstart with it?

There isn’t one except that remarketing list for Google search ads needs to have a minimum number of 1,000 cookies before the list can be used to tailor your search ads. This is to help protect the privacy of those who make up your list.

Setting up RLSAs

  • Create a new “Search Network only” campaign, or select an existing search campaign and ad group.
  • On the toolbar, click on “Audiences “ tab. It will provide you with options from which you select “add a remarketing list.” At this point, you will have to choose an Ad Group where you will apply the list. Once this is complete, you’ll find the “All visitors” list and any other rule-based lists you’ve created for your different groups of site visitors. Add the remarketing list to your ad group. (Learn more about how to create remarketing list if your site has none)
    Audience Adwords
  • To Complete the setup, select “target and bid.” This is only advisable if you want to use the remarketing list. However, you can go for “bids only” if you are looking to use both keyword search and the provided remarketing list which will be far less ineffective.


In an effort to ensure you receive the right amount of traffic and convert these potential consumers, it is important that you adopt the aspect of customization and setting up based on your website’s services and products especially on the Remarketing List. Combine it with bid adjustments per Ad Groups / Devices, you will have unlimited possibility of targeting to your potential audience.

Too complex and difficult? No worries, Digitrio is here to assist with your next Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign.

The result for you is a more Personalized and Targeted Marketing Message to your potential clients.

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