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How Mobile Marketers are winning with Mobile Marketing Automation

By Digitrio

Post Date: 26 August 2016

We’ve already witnessed the dawn of automated mobile marketing, but 2016 will be the year of take-off tactics. Automated SMS, MMS and even mobile email options are here, and companies are winning big with several innovative strategies.

Where do you stand? Each year, automated mobile services grow in number. Of course, a few approaches secure more engagement than others. If you’re planning on showrooming your services, engaging your customers and enticing buyers with in-depth, customizable rewards, then an automated mobile marketing service is the answer. Below, we check out the hottest offers by automated mobile services these days. Take a look, and pair them with your platform’s current outreach goals:

One: The Pick-Up Reminder

EMarketer reports that mobile ad spend has increased by 41 percent this year. In fact, it constitutes 60 percent of all mobile marketing dollars. Why? Because customers are engaging digital advertisements via pick-up reminders. Goods and services now can be pushed via automated SMS, linking consumers to a brand’s advertisement platform.

Get your “Product is ready!” message ready, because customers are filling their shopping carts after receiving digital reminders. Fortunately, the industry’s customizable text game is strong. You can still automate your SMS platform without ruining customizability.

Two: SMS Polling

That’s right: You can automate SMS polls, too. While automated texts work well with promotions, they’re great at gathering customer feedback. Because the smartphone is so personal, brand providers are using it as a dynamic communication platform. With a few clicks, your company can send a real-time poll to multiple customers. Take advantage of the business world’s latest, greatest feedback technology, and check out this article to find out more about SMS polling.

Three: Automated Digital Coupons

Digital coupons, too, are facing automation. In the past, generic cut-and-redeem coupons garnered results and boosted sales. In 2016, digital coupons are dominating. In fact, 50 percent of buyers make purchases after opening a branded text containing a discount code, QR code or coupon. Digital offers, more than ever, are customizable. When hooked into an automated SMS campaign, they’re capable of reaping a lot of redemption offers.

Four: Social Shopping

Automated mobile marketing services aren’t one way, either. Businesses are automating their data gathering approaches, and they’re obtaining mass amounts of information to offer social shopping options. Social shopping combines social media, mobile and automated SMS to create a truly unique experience. Mobile marketers are gathering feedback information from automated outreach campaigns, and they’re using it to streamline e-commerce in social media platforms. You can use your procured consumer data to drive conversions. You can also use it to dish out amazing deals over Facebook.

Five: Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are jumping in popularity. Because automated mobile marketing options create consumer-centric environments, marketers can “plug in” customer points into real-time loyalty systems. When customers make purchases, they receive a digital code. They can use this code to obtain e-commerce options, in-store items or even on-mobile benefits.

By adding a real-time layer to your mobile marketing strategy, you can totally redefine the way your customers shop. Create customizable solutions, and build your brand’s status from the ground up. In the past, custom-tailored mobile responses, deals and feedback options were few and far between. Now, automated services make dynamic feedback possible. You, the business decision maker, have the power to change the customer’s shopping behavior. Take control of your strategy, and create an incredible platform capable of pleasing its customers—time and time again.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for marketing? I would love to read your comments below.

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