9 Ways Of Creating Video Content That Can Grow Your Digital Presence

By Digitrio

Post Date: 12 December 2022

Videos are everywhere. They are hot, popping up everywhere on the internet, regardless of topic or forum. Videos are watched regularly, and if you are considering online marketing, videos cannot be ignored. 

You can create and edit videos to virtually pitch your products, enhance your brand awareness, educate your audience, attract customers to your landing page, and keep your digital channels up to date.

Look at some of the video marketing statistics below:

This is how powerful video marketing is. 

In this article, we will learn the best ways to curate effective video content for your marketing campaigns and suggest how to create the most approachable and accessible video formats for various social media channels.

But before we do that, let us learn a few basics about video making!

What is Video Content Creation?

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Video content creation is a powerful way to showcase the working of businesses to attract more customers. It combines visual images, sound, special effects, and text captions to give prospective customers a complete picture of the ideas you're trying to convey in your video.

A successful scripted video is an attention-grabbing mix of media that succinctly expresses business concepts and highlights the strengths of your products and services.

If you create videos professionally and according to the preferences of your target audience and market trends, you help viewers get a glimpse of your brand and business and help demonstrate real-world applications to social media users. It also helps consumers discuss their pain areas, queries, and concerns regarding products/services.

9 Tips for Creating Great Video Content

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Here are some carefully curated tips and techniques that will help you create engaging video content for your target audience, which you can easily share on your official digital channels:

1. Use the Right Equipment

When creating videos, make sure the production quality is superior. You don't need expensive cameras, but choosing the right frame, shots, lighting, background, and other accessories, like tripod and sound mics, can make a lot of difference to your video quality.

Viewers love to watch HD content that looks more authentic than elaborately-edited ones.

2. Focus on the Trending Video Type

It is important to pick the right topic according to your niche, expertise, and the requirements of your audience. You can make informative, educational or animated explainer videos that engage audiences on many levels beyond just promoting your product.

Another raging category is customer testimonial videos. Your leads want to know how you deal with your existing customers and their experience with your brand.

So, choose your topic and video type pragmatically before you start producing your marketing video.

3. Add a Compelling Storyline to your Videos

entire video creation process and storyboard

For many, a video without a storyboard is boring, out of range, and insipid. People want to see video content they can relate to, which can evoke emotions and instantly connect with them.

The goal should be to create video content that adds value to your audience so they feel compelled to learn more about your brand. Just make sure you stick to the point, be concise, and narrate a coherent storyline.

4. Make Amazing Intros and Outros

Engage your audience in the first 5 seconds of your video. A well-shot intro can compel the viewer to stay till the end. An impressive hook at the beginning of your video can grab the audience's attention.

Similarly, your outro should have your brand message and an effective CTA – which guides the viewer on their next step of action. You can urge the audience to subscribe to your channel, refer to your website, or share your contact details with them.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

It is important to tie up with celebrities and influencers who have a massive following on digital channels. If they promote your brand, it reaches a vast audience who is encouraged to consider your business because the influencer has promoted you. This is a great way to bring your brand into a business.

6. Edit your Videos Professionally

behind the scenes of producing video content

A friendly piece of advice – you must never edit your brand videos manually. You can create your brand videos by using any professional video editing websites that can add the zest and final touch to your creativity. To edit your videos professionally, you must:

  • Crop parts and backgrounds that are not clear or are not required
  • Choose the most appropriate background score or trending music for your video
  • Work on pre-curated templates and designs that can give an edge to your videos
  • Work on colour grading and colour corrections to highlight your videos beautifully
  • Add graphics, transitions, animations, and visual effects (just don't overdo it)
  • Work on interesting titles and thumbnails

7. You can't ignore the Social Media Craze

54% of consumers want to watch more branded videos. Several businesses have flourished through social media platforms thanks to Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories.

Yours can, too, if you know what the trends are, what your viewers want, what the experts are doing, and what your competitors are missing out on. Bridge the gap, adjust your video style according to social media algorithms and create compelling video content for your target audience.

Do your research before you start recording.

8. Videos should be mobile-friendly

Have you ever noticed how people are engrossed in their mobiles when commuting, relaxing, or simply lazing around? Most of them are watching videos – either for entertainment or for information. You'll lose hundreds of potential viewers if your videos aren't mobile-friendly.

You must also remember that several people watch muted videos on their mobiles, so don't forget to add subtitles when creating videos for your business.

9. Curate SEO-enriched Video Content

search engines promote videos

Google is in love with videos, and it is a strong deciding factor in how your website will rank on SERPs. Like how important your written content is for rankings, video content can also pass Google's algorithms.

You must include relevant keywords in your video descriptions, titles, hashtags, and captions without overdoing them.

How to Create Accessible Video Content

Accessible video content

Now that you know what to create let us learn how to create it. You must use these steps to create compelling videos and make them more accessible:

step 1

Add Closed Captions

Closed captions, also called subtitles, work perfectly for people who don't want the sound with videos. This video content is also accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.

It is important to display text on a video representing the audio track, which also helps people appreciate your brand who have language barriers.

step 2

Use Colours and Fonts Judiciously with Good Contrast

Make sure that the colour, logo, and font used on your videos are distinct and represent your brand. It makes it easier for the audience to recognise your brand and instantly connect with your business.

step 3

Avoid Video Content that is too Fast-Flashing

While using your video editing software, crop the parts with more than 3 flashes in 1 second. This is scientifically not promoted and, thus, should be avoided by video-makers.

step 4

Use Transcriptions

Transcriptions are different from subtitles. The latter are explanatory translations of the dialogue in a video, while the former are verbatim descriptions, providing the same level of information available in the video.

step 5

Overview of Accessible Videos

It is important to ensure all controls are keyboard accessible and have labels. Additionally, the video must be provided in a format accessible on multiple digital channels.

Most Recommended Video Formats

Even if you're not a professional video enthusiast, you probably would be aware of the several kinds of video formats that can be used to save or upload videos. It is all about the video codec that distinguishes one format from the other.

Here are some popular video formats that work well for various channels:

  • Preferred video formats are MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG-PS, FLV, 3GPP, and WebM. Video resolution should be ideally up to 3840x2160, which a maximum size of 128 GB.
  • Highly Preferred video formats are MOV or MP4 (with H.264 codec) with a video resolution of 1280x720, a frame rate of 30 fps, and a maximum size of 4 GB.
  • The preferred video format for Instagram is MP4 (with H.264 codec), with a video resolution of maximum width 1080p, a frame rate of 30 fps or fewer, and a maximum size of 4 GB.
  • Mobile phones use 3GP, and the most compatible video format is MPEG-4 Part 12 with the .3gp and .3g2 extensions.

The Best Formats

You can try any of the below-given video formats that are acceptable by various digital channels:

  • MP4 is the most common type of format that plays on almost every device. It uses the MPEG-4 encoding algorithm and works great on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • MOV is best for storing high-quality video but should be used only when the video is large. It worked better for TV viewing.
  • WMV or Windows Media Viewer, which has been developed by Microsoft for Windows Media Player and supported by YouTube and Apple users.
  • AVI or Audio Video Interleave works great with Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, offering superior video quality but also large file sizes.
  • AVCHD or Advanced Video Coding High Definition is for HD videos. The best feature about this format is that you can use it for easy storage without losing its definition.
  • FLV, F4V, and SWF are designed by Flash, which can be used for YouTube but not for iOS devices.
  • MKV or Matroska Multimedia Container format that supports almost every codec and is most viable for videos made for TV or computer.
  • WEBM or HTML5 is the perfect video format for embedding videos on websites
  • MPEG-2 is used if you want to burn your video to a DVD.

The Best Quality

The best quality of videos depends on how widely it is supported on all digital devices and online platforms. Despite posting videos in small sizes, the HD quality should not suffer, especially when posting videos with audio, still images, graphics, text, etc.

The Most Recommended Length

When it comes to the appropriate length of videos – they rightly say that less is often more. Stick to the short form of video content and make sure your promotional, professional, or brand-related videos don't exceed 25-30 seconds.


good content marketing strategy is important, create video content related to your topics

Your video content and format are directly associated with your organisational marketing goals. This elaborate and comprehensive guide covers the basics of curating effective video content for promotional purposes.

Ultimately, positioning video as a necessity of a successful content marketing strategy takes a lot of planning, implementation, consistency, and dedication. So, be creative, make smart decisions, and harness the powerful potential of videos to inspire audiences to take action.

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