19 Most Popular Singapore YouTubers By Different Categories

By Digitrio

Updated Date: 1 November 2022

From comedy skits to music videos, Singaporean YouTubers have got you covered. Here are 19 popular picks for digital video content from the little red dot.

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular search engines today, second only to the almighty Google. Statistics have shown that it is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL combined, processing over 3 billion searches per month.

With the ease of uploading content and its large pool of users across the globe, it is no surprise that many of the top influencers in Singapore made their debut on this video-sharing platform.

From travel films to daily vlogs, digital content creators in Singapore share their best tips and life experiences to spark joy and laughter in their fans.

These are our top picks for Singaporean YouTubers by category, so you can keep your YouTube feed filled with fresh content for every interest.


1 – JianHao Tan

~5.63M subscribers

Tan Jian Hao, Titan Digital Media - highest youtube subscribers, leading Singapore youtube career

JianHao Tan became famous as the “loh yeh moh yeh” guy in 2013, coining the Singlish phrase as a meaningless expression that “can mean anything.”

Nearly a decade later, JianHao regularly posts funny skits on different “types of people,” mostly based on student life. His relatable comedy videos have amassed over 1.8 billion views, making him the most subscribed-to Singaporean YouTuber today.

2 – Wah!Banana

~1.29M subscribers

Wah!Banana - Comedic skits

Wah!Banana is another pioneer of the Singaporean YouTube scene. Since 2012, the team has produced a variety of comedy skits, dramatising real-life scenarios such as dating experiences, office culture, and student life.

Although the faces of the channel have changed over the years, Wah!Banana still retains an authentically Singaporean quality and a diverse host of local talents that are well-loved by Singaporeans to this day.

3 – Ridhwan Azman

~688K subscribers

Ridhwan Azman - Comedic skits

Ridhwan Azman, known for his role as Recruit Ismail in the Singaporean film franchise “Ah Boys to Men,” is also a YouTuber who produces comedy skits, music parodies, and vlogs.

His popular videos include “how people react” and “types of people,” providing a creative and satirical take on different everyday situations.


4 – SuperPrincessjo

~860K subscribers

SuperPrincessjo - makeup tutorials, beauty tips, beauty tutorials

Jyoti, also known as SuperPrincessjo, is a beauty vlogger who shares helpful tips and tutorials about makeup, hair, and skincare on her channel.

A mother of two, Jyoti frequently posts snippets of her family life. She also vlogs for Indian festivals such as Navratri and Diwali, creating stylish festive looks while giving us a peek into cultural celebrations.


~165K subscribers

SPEISHI - youtube influencers, lifestyle videos, makeup tutorials, cheap shopping sprees

Soh Pei Shi is a lifestyle influencer and YouTuber who vlogs on food, beauty, and travel. Her videos give us a candid look into her life, winning people over with her cute and cheery disposition.

Her beauty content covers everything, including makeup looks, product reviews, and fashion buys. She now works with local clothing label Love, Bonito, honing her passion and talent for fashion.

6 – Brenda Tan

~53.2K subscribers

Brenda Tan - youtube influencers, makeup tutorials, beauty tips, beauty hacks, influencer marketing

Social media influencer Brenda Tan dives into beauty secrets, honest reviews on popular skincare products, and effortless everyday makeup looks.

People love her open and easygoing nature as she shares her experience with cosmetic procedures like double eyelid surgery. The 26-year-old is equally candid in her podcast “Growing Pains,” offering personal advice on navigating life and young adulthood in Singapore.


7 – Jebbey Family

~772K subscribers

Jebbey Family - popular singapore youtubers

Jebbey Family is run by couple JianHao Tan and Debbie Soon, documenting their travels and wholesome moments with their daughter, Starley.

JianHao and Debbie have been open about their journey as parents since the pregnancy. As such, many of their fans are invested in the family’s lives, watching little Starley grow up and experience the world through their videos.

8 – The Smart Local

~317K subscribers

The Smart Local - popular youtube channels

The team at The Smart Local covers a variety of quirky and relatable local content. Together, they take on different challenges, try their hand at niche part-time jobs, and subject themselves to painful experiences like school examinations and pregnancy simulations.

While a source of fun and laughs, they also share life advice and shed light on more serious issues in Singaporean society, such as mental health.

9 – Our Grandfather Story

~297K subscribers

Our Grandfather Story - educational videos

Our Grandfather Story shares people’s stories across Singapore and Southeast Asia, offering a range of perspectives and insights into varying cultures and walks of life.

Their videos invite people to discuss sensitive topics such as addiction and illness or to share personal experiences. The channel encourages open conversations to foster greater awareness and acceptance in society.


10 – Zermatt Neo

~284K subscribers

Zermatt Neo - food and mukbang videos

Foodie and competitive eater Zermatt Neo turns eating into an extreme sport. He explores some of the best eats in Singapore, regularly spending thousands of dollars on enough food to feed a small army.

Zermatt shines a spotlight on Singaporean hawkers, often chatting with them in his videos. He then shows his immense appreciation for their food by polishing off copious amounts of it in one sitting. Watching him eat is sure to make you want to dig in too.

11 – Eatbook

~137K subscribers

Eatbook - youtube video on food

From convenience store snacks to artisanal desserts, Eatbook covers all things weird and delicious, including secret menus, spicy food challenges, cooking videos, and more.

Eatbook’s entertaining food-themed series put a fun twist on the daily practice of eating. At the same time, they take their job as food connoisseurs seriously, sharing honest food reviews and fresh dining ideas in Singapore.

12 – Seth Lui

~114K subscribers

Seth Lui - food youtube channel

Run by its namesake, former bartender and F&B entrepreneur Seth Lui, this channel is dedicated to exploring food across Singapore and Asia. Seth is the founder of SETHLUI.com, the most-read food blog in Singapore.

Their YouTube videos give us up-close and personal insights into the stories behind the food and restaurants, with delicious visual elements that will get your stomach growling.



~110K subscribers

Mongabong - travel youtube channel, personal vlogs, travel videos

Mongchin Yeoh, better known by her moniker MONGABONG, is a lover of all things beauty and fashion. This has opened doors for her to visit places like Hawaii and Thailand for beauty launches and commercial shoots. 

Through her vlogs, we get a peek into these exclusive events. Mongchin also shares her travel tips and essentials—and of course, no overseas adventure is complete without shopping. The cherry on top is a generous travel haul at the end of each trip.

14 – Sanghavi and Senthil

~61K subscribers

Sanghavi and Senthil - travel youtube channel, travel videos, travel vlogs

Now that border restrictions have been lifted, recently married couple Sanghavi and Senthil have taken to travel vlogging, bringing us along on their honeymoon adventures.

The fun and carefree couple show us unique ways to experience different countries, such as living in a rotating hotel or taking a helicopter tour. They also upload funny YouTube shorts about life after marriage.

15 – Shawney Depp

~34K subscribers

Shawney Depp - travel youtube channel, personal vlogs, travel vlogs

Shawne Koh, or Shawney Depp, is a digital content creator who produces aesthetic travel films and vlogs. 

Shawne shares cosy living spaces, delicious food, and bits of life from his travels. His immersive cinematography captures the beauty of the places he visits across the world, from Asia to Europe, adventuring into big cities and peaceful forests.


16 – JJ Lin

~1.2M subscribers

JJ Lin - music youtube channel

JJ Lin is a Singaporean singer-songwriter who has earned fame across Asia. He began his musical debut in 2003, winning the ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the 15th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

Known for his soulful voice and captivating emotional ballads, JJ Lin has composed and sung many beloved Chinese songs. He also uploads vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos on his channel to connect with his fans.

17 – Dharni

~738K subscribers

Dharni - music youtube channel

Two-time winner of The Grand Beatbox Battle Championship Dharni Ng is a Singaporean beatboxer based in Poland. 

On his channel, Dharni breaks down beatboxing techniques—or, as he describes it, “making weird sounds with your mouth.” He creates covers of songs by mixing different beats and sound effects, showcasing the musical possibilities of the art of beatboxing.

18 – Benjamin Kheng

~44K subscribers

Benjamin Kheng - music youtube channel

Local musician Benjamin Kheng made his debut in 2012 in the four-piece pop band The Sam Willows. Since then, he has made a solo career, releasing original songs inspired by indie-pop and R&B sounds. 

Benjamin also posts YouTube shorts showcasing his acapella skills, creating “one-man choir” covers of songs by singing and layering different harmonies. Fans are drawn to his funny and down-to-earth personality. 


19 – The Daily Ketchup Podcast

~1.2M subscribers

The Daily Ketchup Podcast - commentary channel

The Daily Ketchup Podcast provides news commentary on the latest happenings in Singapore and around the world. From influencer drama to Singapore’s ministers, no topic is too weird, serious, or off-brand.

The local hosts on the podcast discuss dating, work, politics, religion, and more. They break down these topics in a funny and easy-to-understand way while shedding different perspectives on important social issues. 


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